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The King of the Jungle Wiki is an encyclopedia for King of the Jungle series including characters and plots. There are 241 articles and 545 images and has been growing since this wiki was founded in September 2014.

The King of the Jungle Wiki was created by ShadowSpirit020 and PrincessAnime08. This wiki comprises information on everything about the King of the Jungle series. All content on this wiki, excluding characters that are already owned by Disney (see Disclaimer below), belong to ShadowSpirit020 and PrincessAnime08.

This an Alternative Universe so there will be many changes. There are some canon happenings, but the most is that the characters undergo changes, i.e. Scar and Mufasa having their colors swapped and not having Ahadi and Uru.


Sharifa is a lion cub and the oldest daughter of Kali and Niraja. She is the younger (maternal) half-sister of Niara, eldest sister of Jua and Kopa and the middle adoptive daughter of Haya. She is also the best friend and surrogate sister of Simba, Prince of Pride Rock.

Sharifa makes her appearance in An Interesting Meeting.


We may be females, but that doesn't mean we can rule a pride.

Since September 2014, King of the Jungle Wiki has:

  • 1,280 pages created
  • 241 articles
  • 545 images uploaded
  • 9,353 edits made
  • 13,001,164 registered users
  • 1 active users
  • 4 staff members

Coding help from Lion King Wiki and Team Bloodlines Wiki

  • Lion King and all belongs to Disney
  • All canon characters belong to Disney
  • OC's belong to ShadowSpirit20, TheWiseUnicorn, and PrincessAnime08.

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